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Living with Coffee Farmers in Colombia

Par franciscolagos

Début du voyage : 01/05/2016

Fin du voyage : 31/05/2016

Durée : 30 jours

Budget : Inférieur à 250 $

Nombre de voyageurs : 4

Type : Découverte et aventure entre amis

Travel is all about experiences, and you will live one of the most significant in your life, in the heart of an authentic community of coffee farmers.


No scripts, no performances, no skits, only the possibility to live in the midst of a real coffee growers community, which will allow a deep cultural immersion, a legitimate and revealing living experience in the heart of best coffee producing country in the world.

It is a quiet and a safe place, friendly and authentic people, coffee growers living their normal life in their own farms.

Feel the sights, the sounds, the smells, the food, the people, their way of life, their language and culture, take your time to explore and engage, going beyond and getting into the spirit of the local culture.

Even if at first it feels uncomfortable, you'll come away with an experience of a lifetime, not just some pretty pictures.


Located in the most beautiful and emblematic mountain of Quindío, “Kakataima hill", sacred place to the ancient indigenous Pijaos, was also home of the founder of Armenia city, Jesus Maria Ocampo Toro, "Tigrero"
From the place you can see the a delightful landscape with all the different green provided from nature/ native tress and vegetation.


In Calarca, Quindio, easy access by paved road (3 km with traces of concrete), 17 kilometers from the center of Calarca, 25-30 minutes by car.


All the house is just for you.



No host, no service people, only the basic amenities of a true and authentic peasant house, structure made out of bamboo, fully equipped; two bedrooms with double and single beds a hammock, one bathroom, living room with sofa, dining room and kitchen, refrigerator, gas stove and wood stove. Two additional exterior rooms that are currently being used as a warehouse.

Bring all the necessities, groceries, condiments you will need to cook.

If you want, Doña Cecilia (nearest neighbor) can sell typical peasant food. 
Remember, the simplest moments during your travels can provide the greatest memories and experiences.



Meet Don Evelio y doña Cecilia, Don Jesús y doña Martha, Don Pedro, Don Nelson, Don Hover y doña Fany, Doña Libia, Don Anibal, etc., all of them authentic Coffee Growers living their normal life.

Learn about their lifestyles, daily rituals and values. What do they buy from the grocery store? What do people do for work? How do they unwind afterward or spend their weekends? What God do they believe in? What makes them happy? , but on top of everything, understand the hows and whys of what they consider to be "everyday life".


From Armenia take the bus to Calarca - la Galeria
COST: $1.600 pesos per person).

(Buy groceries and supplies here, lots of supermarkets and street vendors, we can't provide any supplies on site.)

Take the jeep going to GRANADA at 4:00PM (or 6:00AM). 
An extra jeep at 12:00M .

COST: $6.000 Pesos Per Person

Ask to Jeep´s driver for Don Evelio's house, in vereda El Cinabrio, that's your stop.

You may also charter a private jeep at anytime during the day until 5PM
COST: $40 000 Pesos for the whole jeep.

Once here, you will enjoy walking and knowing surrounding areas.


Sun block
Insect Repellent

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